Everyone had a GREAT time at the Poker Run!

Art, you did a Exquisite job!  Everything went so smooooth!


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   Jimmy on 81                Event photographer     remember..when you leave    If your car quits, this is
   never over 55                  Jenny Mae               the parking lot, turn left.       how you get to Jordan.

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Getting the final rules    Art likes a quiet co-pilot     @ Stars International      shot from #12 car-cam
                                                                               Airport. Stop #1             Hi Bob and Chris!

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In front of Lock 24             how many cars?       good friends and fellowship     Jenny's first lock     
      Stop #2

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maybe next time Dave!     Stalled @ Lock 24        Aren't they the cutest     Mrs. Prez  enjoying Fred's
                                                                                      couple?                     witty charm.

Mvc-575f.jpg (89153 bytes)     Mvc-576f.jpg (74243 bytes)     Mvc-577f.jpg (41651 bytes)     Mvc-578f.jpg (64227 bytes)
Howie sneaking Sally's     OH MY GOD, the             Paul and the Mrs.      Who's the guy down by
        desert.                    fork is stuck in his nose!   heading out of B'Ville    the water looking for a bag?

Mvc-581f.jpg (55732 bytes)     Mvc-583f.jpg (50889 bytes)     Mvc-584f.jpg (72699 bytes)     Mvc-585f.jpg (60391 bytes)

                This is what it's all about!   We'll be dreaming of this day come February.

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The blue "Babe Magnet"   Last stop,  Jordan Diner.   Chris won with 3 of a kind!     47 TC

Mvc-594f.jpg (67362 bytes)     Mvc-595f.jpg (65545 bytes)     Mvc-596f.jpg (86135 bytes)     Mvc-597f.jpg (51125 bytes)
Joel's 1947 MG TC     cleaner than a nuns mouth   I told ya it was heavy!  ...and then Bob said to check....

Mvc-565f.jpg (72618 bytes)

The weather turned out to be beautiful and the A's stayed DRY!   Hats off to those who participated!
To the rest of our club members, please join us next time! 

 And they all lived happily ever after......   The End.