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Little lost puppy      Patty, you the man    Do I look pregnant?     A little fuzzy?        Piano instructor at     Catching some zzz's
                                                                                                                            North Country Music

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Prez looking for Miss Right         Intestinal tour of the Stone Barn Snake                    My phone!!      Prez with all his friends

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You want how           Who's the Flying     Immigrants visiting      Rosie plays cat         Bob getting piano         Howie finds
much for what?                   Nun?              Statue of Liberty          and mouse           lessons from Jenny      Miss Right Now

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A women's place        The King Lives!      A Legend................in his own mind!          ELVIS groupies       Going to look
is in the kitchen                                                                                                                                             for Granny

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I'm going to sleep     Where's the food?     A younger Leon        Miss Static Cling    Our Club at its best      Thank ya, thank
                                                                                                                                                                    ya very much

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  There's Dave's      1st there were 5........then there were 4...  Uncle Timmys hat......then there were 3.......then there was 1
   missing sock

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Tag it and bag it     Then there were none!   Anyone seen the     ELVIS fell again!    Then out of the shadows..The Wolfman!
                                                                 the mine entrance?     

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Someone from last    Anorexic Ghost        Scariest costume        Tally the clues          Nice Dooooo!         You want me to
   years party                                                Winners!                                                                               stick it where?    

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Diane awaits       You put your left hand   No more candy?      Being the King       Time to go back in the dryer for a while!
   her king           in. You put your left hand out......                      is GOOD!

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Lets eat again!!      You know the song,    Is this all there is?      He did look better      Howie's loaded     When your hotdog
                               play it again Rat!                                            as a blonde.                  again!         catches fire, it's done!