MGCC Welding Night 

                                                       sponsored by HAUN WELDING SUPPLY

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                                              Like sponges                Dennis Klingman         What Dennis works on

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                                         Looking for a car to work on........we found one...........We'll start cutting here......

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                                       Hey Dad,  I like this A LOT better than a MG!          Uncle Tim      Bob Florek our host

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                                       Dennis makes it look VERY easy         OK, who would like to try it?  Oh Nooooo!

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                                      Luke, I am your Father!   A little POWER  ......   I'm get' in  those good penetration's! 

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                                      In the Batters Box...T-Chops.                   Now Vic can fix his own Trumpet! 

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                                       Bob's broken lawnmower handle needs professional help.    Deb finishes it up.

                                            Remember, MGCC members get a 15% discount at Haun Welding Supply.

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