mvc-390f.jpg (64472 bytes)            mvc-377f.jpg (57610 bytes)              mvc-378f.jpg (67728 bytes)
The Prez dreaming of Celia     Dudie  and  Howie                Dave "The Door Man" Winne tells Prez 
                                                                                            where Celia's tent is located.

mvc-380f.jpg (68772 bytes)           mvc-379f.jpg (56659 bytes)           mvc-381f.jpg (56653 bytes)           mvc-382f.jpg (88493 bytes)
The Wolfman on the hunt.     Dave telling Bob again.           Man on a misson.                    TJ and JimmyJr. 
                                                                                                                                    Uncle Timmys still lost.

mvc-383f.jpg (80022 bytes)           mvc-384f.jpg (59541 bytes)           mvc-385f.jpg (73911 bytes)           mvc-388f.jpg (72780 bytes)
The "Dream Machine"       We finally found a dry car.        TJ found one his size.               Lots of Cobras
                                                                                            Dad is still lost.                      and Hummers

                      mvc-389f.jpg (54133 bytes)                                                                  Mvc-391f.jpg (63725 bytes)
Bob after finding Celia! (Click on picture to see the stars in his eyes!)               Uncle Timmy tired out
 Howie, Jimmy Jr, Dave, Bob, Tony  (Uncle Timmys still lost)                          after being lost all day.

T'was overheard being said by a stranger at lunch, "Isn't Dick the one Celia doesn't like?"     
Bob set her straight.   You had to be there. Right Howie? (still laughing)  Hey, what time have you got?